Moving is a hassle thing to do, but Chats Movers did a fantastic job despite of my lack of preparation. When my mom said she will be moving in a week, it wasn’t hard to do it. The movers were careful, professional and very friendly. The final price I paid was very reasonable.
—Brian, Calgary

There was this task from my job and when I had to move at a very short period of time, I thought it would be hard for me to find a mover within 2 days. They took care of my belongings and all went well smoothly. Stephen was nice and he always ask for my instruction. So great.
—Linda, Calgary

I am just so happy. Movers were easy to work with and were very focus on moving my things carefully. Most of my stuffs are my painting and they are so efficient. I didn’t find any arrogance unlike my past experiences. I would recommend them since my sister is planning to move this end of the month. Good job guys!
—Tim, Calgary

The job I experienced from this company was awesome and great!! Movers were very cool and they showed up 30 mins earlier than the said time. My husband and I were very contented with the service from Metropolitan Movers, and the guys were simply nice. Two thumbs up!
—Ester, Calgary

So, I finally up and moved out of my mom’s place and into a place of my own in Vancouver!! A friend of mine suggested that I take a look at using these guys for my move. I decided to do a little research first and it seemed like all the reviews were good. I ended up using them and I have to say, I was so impressed! They did such a good job. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I would have had to do all of this myself. They were so easy to work with from beginning to end. Definitely worth paying the extra to get people who know what they’re doing. They were all very kind and worked so hard. They didn’t wreck any of my stuff either! I’m really happy with the service and would definitely recommend their service to anybody in my area who is moving!! Great job you guys!
—Jamie Lupo, Calgary

i just turned 18 and I’m finally moving to my own place! everything start off well even the mover! i have moved a lot during when i was a kid! but i got to admit that this mover company was the best! let me explain… it was fast!! everything went nice and smoothly, the mover was great and gentle with my stuff! i can’t find any bad thing about this service. i definitely recommend this mover to everyone!!!
—Kun Yang, Calgary

I had Chats Movers move me from Calgary to Edmonton, and they did a great job! They were extremely professional and very gentle with my belongings, not to mention their prices were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Chats to anyone in the Calgary area!
—Laurel O, Calgary

I moved out of my small condo, and into a bigger house with the rest of my family. We needed something bigger! The crew that was sent to me was so helpful, they took care of every little detail, that I had no worries, other than making sure it arrived of course. They’re a group of people that I strongly suggest to everyone, they made my day, and I’m sure they’ll make yours!
—Markus Hartman, Calgary

I’m so blessed to hire a great, professional and kind moving company like Chats Movers.Their movers were fast yet careful.Also they were kind and good hearted, because as what I saw while they were doing their job, the were loving it and doing it with passion.I will surely recommend you to my friends and those I know that are going to move.
—Johnny Walker, Calgary